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The beautiful brand "JoJo Beach Wear" was created in 2008 by Jodie Aboud, owner and designer of the brand. JoJo Beach Wear is designed for the modern and sophisticated woman who wants to be noticed. Jodie's Collection combines eco-fashion elements. Each garment contains organic threads from Paris as well as high quality fabrics from the most noticeable cities in Fashion and Swimwear. Cities such as New York, Italy, Medellin, Sao Paolo and Caracas.


Each garment is an exquisite and unique piece to wear. What makes JoJo Beach Wear different from other lines is its use of vibrant colors and the use of texture and patterns along with handmade elements in a very creative way.


JoJo Beach Wear is designed for women of all ages, looking to feel glamorous, sexy, chic and unique.


"I want women not to be afraid to be different and wear garments that become new trends".-Jodie Aboud.


Each piece of the line JoJo Beach Wear is designed in the United States & Venezuela; and they are cut and sawn in our main office in Medellin, Colombia in order to achieve high quality standards.


JoJo Beach Wear is an exclusive line designed by Jodie Aboud and you can only find it at JoJo Beach Wear Showrooms in Miami and Medellin.


Made in Colombia with Love,


JoJo Beach Wear.

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