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Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!

JoJo Beach Wear was born in 2005 with very little resources, almost nothing! I remember, it was only a dream that came to my mind while I was walking to design school in Madrid, Spain and back then I was extremely thankful, I couldn't believe how much I had, I felt like I was already one of the biggest designers in the world and I was just going to school...imagine how I feel today, when I see all I have around me, all the things I have accomplished after all these years; now, it's not only me and my dreams, now its a team behind me who help me in every step of the process and when I say the process I don't only mean the production process I mean the entire process; today I will start thanking My Dad who is no longer with us and never got to see this brand when he was alive, I thank him to watch over me and inspireme everyday, I want to thank My Mom Judith Aboud because she was the first one who believe in me, for the hours she spent with me sewing our first bikini and for all your support every second of everyday in my life, without her and her sacrifices I would not be here, to my sister who is my role model and the other head of this brand, to Uncle Jesus Aboud and my Aunt Juana Aboud because they've been there supporting me and helping me when I go to Colombia, to Matt, John & Sherry Neely for believeing in The Brand and addopt it like is yours, My Beautiful Models! Marion Vijar and Carolina Delgado, the most beautiful girls in the world on JoJo Beach Wear, to Rocio Luna who is my assistant designer and have done so much for me!, to Carla Llull who was my first intern and tought me how to be a boss, to Julian Villa for all his amazing work in the image of the brand and all he does everyday for me, to My Photographers! Jhonny Villaronga, Joss Ott and Zach , to our makeup artist Maria Jose del Moral, to My friend Olga Lucia Barba who acts like my employee and she never gets paid!,to Martha Echeverry and Olga in Medellin for running our own manucfacturing company and to all my followers and wonderful clients, you are the ones who make this brand possible! ... I will never have a way to thank all of you for believing in me and my dreams! THANK YOU!!!

Happy Thanksgiving ,


Jodie Aboud

Head Designer & Owner

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