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Jodie Aboud 


Fashion Expert from Jodie's Closet Magazine


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Jodie Aboud was born in Caracas, Venezuela. At a very young age she realized her strongest passion was to create & design fashion. Jodie, grew up admiring her mother's creativity and exquisite taste for haute couture, and was constantly surrounded by high fashion.


Her distinguished multicultural background, Lebanese and Venezuelan, was also part of her biggest inspiration in order to create JoJo Beach Wear. In 1999, Jodie Aboud decided to conquer new horizons and moved from her native city Caracas to Miami, aspiring to her fashion design career. She promptly was accepted at the Miami International University of Art & Design, were she began her studies in illustration, patternmaking and design.


In 2004, she was offered the great opportunity to finish her studies in Madrid , Spain at the Instituto Europe Di Design. Living in the fashion capital of Spain, and working for countless top designers ( as Carolina Herrera and Martiza Carrero), was the beginning for Jodie to start thinking on launching her own vision in fashion.


In 2005 Jodie went back to Miami, the perfect place to launch her global beach wear line. " I Like everything about the ocean and the clothes you use when you are near the beach love using colorful materials and combining different patterns.. it just makes it more playful!" Jodie Aboud's collection present timeless silhouettes for confident, sexy and modern women, while allowing the client to embrace a sense of individuality. Jodie's unique sense of detailed embellishments and vibrant color palettes( together with strong focus on quality and fine fabrication) has been the perfect combination for the success of this line.


Today, JoJo Beach Wear is a Ready-to-Wear Global designer brand offering couture swimwear, beachwear and accessories. The line is available in Jodie Aboud's showroom and soon to be online, and other specialty boutiques.

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